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Stock Number Shape Carat Color Clarity
R8694 round 0.5 F SI2
CR9753 round 0.5 F SI1
CR9564 round 0.5 F SI2
CR9467 round 0.5 F SI1
CR6321 round 0.5 F VS1
CR1061 round 0.5 F SI1
2C7351/G round 0.5 F VS2
2C7350/G round 0.5 F VS2
2C7349/G round 0.5 F VS2
2C7302/G round 0.5 F SI1
2C7298/G round 0.5 F SI2
2C7294/G round 0.5 F SI1
2C7296/G round 0.5 F VS2
2C7094/A round 0.5 F SI2
2C6941/G round 0.5 F SI2
2C6942/G round 0.5 F SI2
2C6943/G round 0.5 F SI2
2C5162/A round 0.5 F SI1
2C5161/A round 0.5 F SI1
2C4591/A round 0.5 F SI2
R8677 round 0.5 G SI2
R8263 round 0.5 G SI2
R7685 round 0.5 G VS2
R6736 round 0.5 G SI2
CR9776 round 0.5 G SI2
CR9755 round 0.5 G SI1
CR9661 round 0.5 G SI1
CR9659 round 0.5 G SI1
CR9657 round 0.5 G SI1
CR9525 round 0.5 G VS2
CR9527 round 0.5 G VS2
CR9475 round 0.5 G SI1
CR9445 round 0.5 G SI1
CR9280 round 0.5 G SI1
CR8881 round 0.5 G SI1
CR7497 round 0.5 G SI2
CR5168 round 0.5 G SI2
CR4751 round 0.5 G SI1
2C7368/A round 0.5 G SI1
2C7356/G round 0.5 G SI2
2C7355/G round 0.5 G SI1
2C7292/G round 0.5 G SI2
2C7291/G round 0.5 G SI1
2C7284/G round 0.5 G SI1
2C7286/G round 0.5 G SI1
2C7170/G round 0.5 G SI1
2C7158/G round 0.5 G SI1
2C7160/G round 0.5 G SI1
2C7165/G round 0.5 G SI1
2C7166/G round 0.5 G SI1
2C7167/G round 0.5 G SI1
2C7143/G round 0.5 G SI1
2C7190/G round 0.5 G SI2
2C7188/G round 0.5 G SI2
2C7181/G round 0.5 G SI2
2C7179/G round 0.5 G SI2
2C7042/G round 0.5 G VS2
2C6906/G round 0.5 G VS2
R8259 round 0.5 H SI2
CR9782 round 0.5 H SI2
CR9766 round 0.5 H SI2
CR9767 round 0.5 H SI2
CR9655 round 0.5 H SI1
CR9652 round 0.5 H SI1
CR9654 round 0.5 H SI1
CR9634 round 0.5 H SI1
CR9591 round 0.5 H VS1
CR9491 round 0.5 H SI2
2C7301/G round 0.5 H SI2
2C7297/G round 0.5 H SI2
2C7168/G round 0.5 H SI1
2C7163/G round 0.5 H SI1
2C7151/G round 0.5 H SI1
2C7152/G round 0.5 H SI1
2C7144/G round 0.5 H SI1
2C7202/G round 0.5 H SI2
2C7213/G round 0.5 H SI2
2C7191/G round 0.5 H SI2
2C7183/G round 0.5 H SI2
2C7180/G round 0.5 H SI2
2C7123/A round 0.5 H SI1
2C6921/G round 0.5 H SI1
2C6701/G round 0.5 H VS1
2C6706/G round 0.5 H VS1
2C6707/G round 0.5 H VS1
2C5115/A round 0.5 H VS2
2C5073/G round 0.5 H SI1
R8334 round 0.5 I SI2
R1144 round 0.5 I VS2
CR9428 round 0.5 I VS2
2C7403/A round 0.5 I SI2
2C7408/A round 0.5 I SI1
2C7384/A round 0.5 I SI1
2C7383/A round 0.5 I SI1
2C7382/A round 0.5 I SI1
2C7380/A round 0.5 I VS2
2C7379/A round 0.5 I SI2
2C7365/A round 0.5 I SI2
2C7367/A round 0.5 I SI2
2C7370/A round 0.5 I SI1
2C7373/A round 0.5 I SI1
2C7363/A round 0.5 I SI2
2C7312/A round 0.5 I VS2
2C7306/A round 0.5 I SI1
2C7236/A round 0.5 I SI1
2C7233/A round 0.5 I VS2
2C7176/G round 0.5 I SI2
2C7173/G round 0.5 I SI1
2C7155/G round 0.5 I SI1
2C7159/G round 0.5 I SI1
2C7162/G round 0.5 I SI1
2C7153/G round 0.5 I SI1
2C7148/G round 0.5 I SI1
2C7224/G round 0.5 I SI1
2C7222/G round 0.5 I SI1
2C7208/G round 0.5 I SI2
2C7210/G round 0.5 I SI2
2C7186/G round 0.5 I SI2
2C7076/A round 0.5 I SI1
2C6989/A round 0.5 I SI1
2C6972/A round 0.5 I VS2
2C6090/A round 0.5 I SI1
2C4228/G round 0.5 I VS2
R8262 round 0.51 F SI2
R7543 round 0.51 F SI2
CR9754 round 0.51 F SI1
CR9658 round 0.51 F SI1
CR9099 round 0.51 F SI1
CR7684 round 0.51 F SI1
2C7348/G round 0.51 F VS2
2C4663/A round 0.51 F SI2
CR9761 round 0.51 G SI2
CR9059 round 0.51 G SI2
CR8551 round 0.51 G VS1
2C7354/G round 0.51 G VS1
2C7300/G round 0.51 G SI2
2OM134/G round 0.51 G VS2
2C5640/A round 0.51 G SI1
R6616 round 0.51 H SI2
CR9101 round 0.51 H SI2
2C7432/A round 0.51 H SI1
2C7211/G round 0.51 H SI2
2C7182/G round 0.51 H SI2
2C7070/A round 0.51 H SI1
2C6909/G round 0.51 H VS2
2C5891/A round 0.51 H SI1
2C5660/A round 0.51 H SI1
CR9433 round 0.51 I VS1
CR9046 round 0.51 I SI1
CR8228 round 0.51 I VS1
2C7447/A round 0.51 I VS2
2C7439/A round 0.51 I VS2
2C7386/A round 0.51 I SI1
2C7387/A round 0.51 I SI2
2C7252/A round 0.51 I SI1
2C7238/A round 0.51 I SI1
2C7175/G round 0.51 I SI2
2C7200/G round 0.51 I SI2
CR9469 round 0.52 F SI1
CR8310 round 0.52 F SI1
CR2133 round 0.52 F SI2
2C7283/G round 0.52 F VS1
CR9271 round 0.52 G SI1
2C7435/G round 0.52 G VS2
2C7429/A round 0.52 G SI2
2C4669/A round 0.52 G SI1
2C4523/A round 0.52 G SI1
2C4514/A round 0.52 G SI2
R8715 round 0.52 H SI2
2C7071/A round 0.52 H SI1
2C6667/A round 0.52 H VS2
2C5620/A round 0.52 H VS2
2C7444/A round 0.52 I SI1
2C7412/A round 0.52 I SI2
2C7241/A round 0.52 I SI1
2C7242/A round 0.52 I SI1
2C7178/G round 0.52 I SI2
2C7164/G round 0.52 I SI1
2C7192/G round 0.52 I SI2
2C4567/A round 0.52 I VS2
R1712 round 0.53 F SI2
CR9779 round 0.53 F SI2
CR7835 round 0.53 F SI1
CR7803 round 0.53 F SI2
R7731 round 0.53 G SI1
R1718 round 0.53 G SI2
CR5499 round 0.53 G SI2
2C6478/G round 0.53 G SI2
2C5101/A round 0.53 G VS2
CR9764 round 0.53 H VS1
CR9515 round 0.53 H SI1
CR7273 round 0.53 H SI1
2C7449/A round 0.53 H SI1
2C6910/G round 0.53 H VS2
2C7437/A round 0.53 I SI2
2C7410/A round 0.53 I SI2
2C7402/A round 0.53 I SI1
2C7404/A round 0.53 I VS2
2C7372/A round 0.53 I SI1
2C7309/A round 0.53 I SI1
2C7311/A round 0.53 I VS2
2C7243/A round 0.53 I SI1
2C7072/A round 0.53 I VS2
R8165 round 0.54 F SI1
CR9760 round 0.54 G SI2
CR9550 round 0.54 G VS2
CR1358 round 0.54 G SI1
2C5751/A round 0.54 G SI1
2C5004/A round 0.54 G VS1
R8321 round 0.54 H SI2
CR9429 round 0.54 H SI1
2C7313/A round 0.54 H SI1
2C7125/A round 0.54 H SI2
2C7446/A round 0.54 I SI2
2C7245/A round 0.54 I SI1
2C7244/A round 0.54 I SI1
CR9476 round 0.55 F SI2
2C7347/G round 0.55 F VS2
R6906 round 0.55 G SI2
R1704 round 0.55 G SI2
CR9778 round 0.55 G SI2
CR9640 round 0.55 G SI1
CR9635 round 0.55 G SI1
CR9603 round 0.55 G VS2
2C5104/A round 0.55 G VS2
2C4421/A round 0.55 G SI2
R6528 round 0.55 H SI1
CR9132 round 0.55 H VS2
2C7358/G round 0.55 H VS1
R1711 round 0.56 F SI1
CR9768 round 0.56 F SI1
CR1070 round 0.56 F SI2
CR9307 round 0.56 G VS2
CR4905 round 0.56 G VS1
CR2693 round 0.56 G SI2
2C5126/A round 0.56 G VS1
CR9494 round 0.56 I VS2
CR3908 round 0.57 F SI2
2C5105/A round 0.57 F VS2
2C4953/A round 0.57 F SI1
CR9777 round 0.57 G SI2
CR9763 round 0.57 G SI1
CR6871 round 0.57 G SI2
CR1670 round 0.57 G SI1
CR9626 round 0.57 H SI1
2C5624/A round 0.57 H SI1
2C7231/A round 0.57 I VS2
CR6333 round 0.58 F SI2
CR5763 round 0.58 F SI2
2C4724/A round 0.58 F SI1
R6336 round 0.58 G SI2
CR9765 round 0.58 G SI2
CR9282 round 0.58 G SI1
CR8941 round 0.58 G SI1
CR7018 round 0.58 G SI2
CR6797 round 0.58 G SI2
CR5935 round 0.58 G SI2
2C4952/A round 0.58 G VS2
R7754 round 0.58 H VS2
CR8768 round 0.58 H SI1
CR8661 round 0.58 H SI1
CR8283 round 0.58 H SI2
2C5482/A round 0.58 H SI1
R7388 round 0.58 I SI2
2C4867/G round 0.58 I SI1
CR2356 round 0.59 F SI2
CR8646 round 0.59 G SI1
CR4950 round 0.59 G VS2
R1725 round 0.59 H SI2
CR9477 round 0.59 H VS2
CR9012 round 0.59 H SI2
CR5985 round 0.59 H SI2
2C5124/A round 0.59 H VS1
CR3278 round 0.59 I SI2
R1061 round 0.6 F SI2
CR9792 round 0.6 F VS2
CR9772 round 0.6 F SI1
CR9607 round 0.6 F SI1
CR9023 round 0.6 F SI2
CR8587 round 0.6 F SI1
2CF2406/G round 0.6 F SI1
R1717 round 0.6 G VS2
CR9215 round 0.6 G SI2
CR9013 round 0.6 G SI1
2CF1879/A round 0.6 G VS2
R1197 round 0.6 H SI2
CR9625 round 0.6 H SI1
CR9516 round 0.6 H SI1
CR8736 round 0.6 H VS2
2CF2630/A round 0.6 H VS2
2CF2619/G round 0.6 H SI2
2CF2529/G round 0.6 H SI1
2CF2540/G round 0.6 H SI1
2CF2444/G round 0.6 H SI2
2CF2319/G round 0.6 H VS2
2CF1581/G round 0.6 H VS1
R1723 round 0.6 I SI2
CR9420 round 0.6 I SI1
2CF2080/G round 0.6 I SI2
2CF2437/G round 0.61 F SI1
2CF2404/G round 0.61 F SI1
R8324 round 0.61 G SI2
CR8073 round 0.61 G SI2
2CF2528/G round 0.61 G SI2
2CF2205/A round 0.61 H VS2
CR9250 round 0.61 I VS1
2CF2490/A round 0.61 I VS2
R7661 round 0.62 G SI2
2CF2524/G round 0.62 G SI2
R8339 round 0.62 H SI2
CR9490 round 0.62 H SI1
CR9014 round 0.62 H SI1
CR8741 round 0.62 H SI1
CR8449 round 0.62 H VS2
2CF2525/G round 0.62 H SI2
2CF2369/A round 0.62 H VS2
CR9773 round 0.62 I SI2
CR6688 round 0.62 I SI1
R8560 round 0.63 F SI2
CR9746 round 0.63 H SI2
CR9418 round 0.63 H SI1
2CF2618/G round 0.63 H SI2
2CF2520/G round 0.63 H SI1
2CF2374/A round 0.63 H VS2
R7757 round 0.63 I SI2
R5534 round 0.64 G SI2
2CF2468/A round 0.64 G VS2
2CF2314/G round 0.64 I VS2
2CF1881/A round 0.65 F SI1
2CF2527/G round 0.65 G SI2
2CF2607/G round 0.66 F VS1
2CF2473/A round 0.66 I VS2
R7222 round 0.67 G SI1
CR9771 round 0.67 G SI2
R1082 round 0.67 H SI2
CR6539 round 0.67 H SI2
R8045 round 0.69 G SI2
CR9794 round 0.69 G SI1
CR8421 round 0.69 G SI2
CR6821 round 0.69 H SI2
R8245 round 0.7 F SI2
R8143 round 0.7 F SI2
CR9674 round 0.7 F SI1
CR9621 round 0.7 F SI1
CR9558 round 0.7 F SI1
CR9244 round 0.7 F SI2
CR8824 round 0.7 F SI1
CR8266 round 0.7 F SI1
CR6787 round 0.7 F VS2
CR6234 round 0.7 F SI2
CR5514 round 0.7 F VS2
CR4418 round 0.7 F SI1
CR2917 round 0.7 F SI2
CR2992 round 0.7 F SI2
2B7031/G round 0.7 F VS2
2B7032/G round 0.7 F SI1
2B6785/G round 0.7 F VS2
2B6784/G round 0.7 F VS2
2B6783/G round 0.7 F VS2
2B6370/G round 0.7 F VS1
2B6240/G round 0.7 F VS2
2B6211/G round 0.7 F SI2
2B6127/G round 0.7 F SI2
R8244 round 0.7 G SI2
R1677 round 0.7 G SI2
CR9613 round 0.7 G SI1
CR9615 round 0.7 G SI2
CR9609 round 0.7 G SI1
CR9194 round 0.7 G SI2
CR9166 round 0.7 G SI2
CR9150 round 0.7 G SI1
CR8830 round 0.7 G SI1
CR8261 round 0.7 G SI1
CR6264 round 0.7 G SI1
2B7042/G round 0.7 G SI1
2B7038/G round 0.7 G VS1
2B6959/A round 0.7 G VS2
2B6928/G round 0.7 G SI1
2B6905/G round 0.7 G SI1
2B6906/G round 0.7 G SI1
2B6549/G round 0.7 G VS1
2B6298/G round 0.7 G VS1
2B6246/G round 0.7 G VS2
2B6247/G round 0.7 G VS2
2B6230/G round 0.7 G VS2
2B5921/G round 0.7 G VS1
2B5870/G round 0.7 G SI1
R8242 round 0.7 H SI2
R8078 round 0.7 H SI2
R1672 round 0.7 H SI1
CR9725 round 0.7 H VS2
CR9148 round 0.7 H SI1
CR8946 round 0.7 H VS2
CR8939 round 0.7 H VS1
CR8808 round 0.7 H SI1
CR8461 round 0.7 H SI2
CR8259 round 0.7 H SI1
CR6946 round 0.7 H VS2
2B7110/A round 0.7 H SI2
2B7097/G round 0.7 H SI2
2B7094/G round 0.7 H VS1
2B7093/G round 0.7 H VS1
2B7057/G round 0.7 H SI1
2B7052/G round 0.7 H VS2
2B7053/G round 0.7 H VS2
2B7055/G round 0.7 H SI1
2B7056/G round 0.7 H SI1
2B6920/G round 0.7 H SI2
2B6903/G round 0.7 H SI1
2B6904/G round 0.7 H SI1
2B6911/G round 0.7 H SI1
2B6310/G round 0.7 H SI2
2B6248/G round 0.7 H VS2
R8666 round 0.7 I SI2
R1157 round 0.7 I VS2
CR9723 round 0.7 I VS2
CR9611 round 0.7 I SI1
CR9554 round 0.7 I SI1
CR9555 round 0.7 I SI1
CR9556 round 0.7 I SI2
CR9441 round 0.7 I SI2
CR9439 round 0.7 I SI2
CR9140 round 0.7 I SI1
CR8924 round 0.7 I VS1
CR7673 round 0.7 I SI1
CR6947 round 0.7 I SI2
CR6419 round 0.7 I SI1
2B7173/A round 0.7 I SI1
2B7156/A round 0.7 I VS1
2B7061/G round 0.7 I VS1
2B6930/G round 0.7 I SI1
2B6929/G round 0.7 I SI1
2B6917/G round 0.7 I SI2
2B6913/G round 0.7 I SI1
2B6909/G round 0.7 I SI1
2B6910/G round 0.7 I SI1
2B6313/G round 0.7 I SI2
R8197 round 0.71 F SI2
R8190 round 0.71 F SI2
CR8463 round 0.71 F SI2
CR4536 round 0.71 F VS2
2B6068/G round 0.71 F VS2
2B7216/G round 0.71 G VS1
CR9193 round 0.71 G SI2
CR5141 round 0.71 G SI2
CR1259 round 0.71 G SI2
2B7044/G round 0.71 G SI2
2B7040/G round 0.71 G VS2
2B7037/G round 0.71 G VS1
2B7036/G round 0.71 G VS1
2B6879/G round 0.71 G VS1
2B6293/G round 0.71 G VS1
CR9559 round 0.71 H SI1
2B7096/G round 0.71 H SI1
2B7049/G round 0.71 H VS1
CR9823 round 0.71 I SI2
CR7674 round 0.71 I SI2
CR7491 round 0.71 I VS2
CR6581 round 0.71 I SI1
CR1105 round 0.71 I VS1
2B7060/G round 0.71 I VS1
2B6786/G round 0.71 I SI1
2B6679/G round 0.71 I SI1
CR6051 round 0.72 F SI2
CR1165 round 0.72 F SI1
2B7029/G round 0.72 F VS1
2B6495/G round 0.72 F SI1
R1683 round 0.72 G SI1
CR9618 round 0.72 G SI1
CR9610 round 0.72 G SI2
CR8810 round 0.72 G SI2
2B7092/G round 0.72 G SI2
2B7041/G round 0.72 G SI1
2B6469/G round 0.72 G VS2
CR9819 round 0.72 H SI1
CR9151 round 0.72 H SI1
CR6098 round 0.72 H SI1
2B7051/G round 0.72 H VS2
2B7054/G round 0.72 H SI1
2B6924/G round 0.72 H SI2
R1685 round 0.72 I SI2
CR9822 round 0.72 I SI1
CR9127 round 0.72 I VS2
2B7062/G round 0.72 I SI1
2B6497/G round 0.72 I SI1
CR9474 round 0.73 F SI2
R1048 round 0.73 G SI2
CR9551 round 0.73 G SI2
CR7480 round 0.73 G SI2
2B6038/G round 0.73 G VS1
CR9620 round 0.73 H SI2
CR9149 round 0.73 H SI1
CR8803 round 0.73 H VS1
CR8692 round 0.73 H SI1
CR6899 round 0.73 H VS2
CR6420 round 0.73 I VS2
2B7059/G round 0.73 I VS1
R6516 round 0.74 F SI2
CR1570 round 0.74 F SI1
2B7028/G round 0.74 F VS1
R8150 round 0.74 G SI2
CR9198 round 0.74 G SI2
CR8801 round 0.74 G VS1
2B7188/G round 0.74 G SI2
2B6870/A round 0.74 G SI1
2B6225/G round 0.74 G VS2
CR6055 round 0.74 H VS2
CR4460 round 0.74 H SI2
2B7184/G round 0.74 H SI2
2B6336/G round 0.74 H VS2
2B6291/G round 0.74 H VS1
2B6287/G round 0.74 H VS1
2B6286/G round 0.74 H VS1
CR6334 round 0.74 I VS2
CR9315 round 0.75 G SI2
2B7187/G round 0.75 G SI2
2B7183/G round 0.75 H SI2
2B7163/G round 0.75 H VS1
2B6572/G round 0.75 H SI2
2B5511/G round 0.75 H SI1
2B7070/G round 0.75 I SI1
PR5888 princess 0.5 F SI1
CPR3616 princess 0.5 F SI2
2PH1844/A princess 0.5 F VS1
2PH1829/G princess 0.5 F VS2
CPR3471 princess 0.5 G VS1
2PH1854/G princess 0.5 G VS1
2PH1684/A princess 0.5 G VS2
2PH1651/A princess 0.5 G VS2
CPR3584 princess 0.5 H VS1
2PH1853/G princess 0.5 H VS2
2PH1831/G princess 0.5 H VS1
2PH1694/A princess 0.5 H SI1
CPR2177 princess 0.51 F VS1
2PH1650/A princess 0.51 F SI2
PR2954 princess 0.51 G VS2
PR5873-2 princess 0.51 G VS2
CPR5907 princess 0.51 G VS2
2PH1685/A princess 0.51 G VS1
2PH1679/A princess 0.51 G VS1
2PH1693/A princess 0.51 H VS2
PR5865-2 princess 0.52 F SI1
2PH1686/A princess 0.52 G VS2
2PH1858/G princess 0.52 I VS1
2PH1851/G princess 0.52 I SI1
CPR4006 princess 0.53 F VS2
PR5769 princess 0.53 H SI2
CPR5905 princess 0.54 G VS2
2PH1690/A princess 0.54 G SI1
PR3034 princess 0.54 H VS2
2PH1691/A princess 0.54 H SI1
CPR3581 princess 0.55 F SI2
CPR3242 princess 0.55 F SI2
CPR5903 princess 0.56 G VS2
PR2289 princess 0.56 H SI2
PR5763 princess 0.58 H VS2
CPR3868 princess 0.58 I VS2
CPR3349 princess 0.59 F SI2
CPR3463 princess 0.59 G SI2
CPR5954 princess 0.59 I VS1
PR3142 princess 0.6 F SI2
2PH1746/G princess 0.6 F VS1
PR2778 princess 0.6 G SI2
CPR5928 princess 0.6 H VS1
CPR3864 princess 0.6 H VS2
CPR3777 princess 0.61 G VS1
CPR3570 princess 0.61 G SI2
CPR3103 princess 0.61 H VS2
CPR3972 princess 0.63 G VS1
CPR5929 princess 0.63 H VS2
CPR3194 princess 0.63 I SI2
2PH1808/G princess 0.65 F VS2
CPR3265 princess 0.67 I VS1
CPR5932 princess 0.7 G VS1
CPR3870 princess 0.7 G VS2
CPR3851 princess 0.7 G SI1
CPR3729 princess 0.7 G SI1
CPR1744 princess 0.7 G VS1
2PT1734/G princess 0.7 G SI1
2PT1730/G princess 0.7 G VS2
2PT1725/G princess 0.7 G SI1
2PT1728/G princess 0.7 G SI1
2PT1554/G princess 0.7 G VS2
CPR5931 princess 0.7 H VS1
CPR3852 princess 0.7 H VS2
CPR3438 princess 0.7 H VS1
PR2951 princess 0.7 I VS1
2PT1740/G princess 0.7 I SI2
CPR3912 princess 0.7 I SI1
CPR3466 princess 0.7 I VS1
CPR3395 princess 0.7 I SI1
2PT1563/A princess 0.7 I VS2
CPR3353 princess 0.71 F VS2
2PT1482/G princess 0.71 F VS1
CPR4002 princess 0.71 H SI1
PR3099 princess 0.71 I SI1
2PT1741/G princess 0.71 I SI1
2PT1743/G princess 0.71 I SI2
CPR4009 princess 0.71 I SI1
CPR3923 princess 0.71 I VS1
CPR3576 princess 0.71 I VS2
CPR4005 princess 0.72 F VS2
CPR3113 princess 0.72 G VS2
CPR5832 princess 0.72 H SI1
2PT1724/G princess 0.72 H SI1
CPR3953 princess 0.73 G SI1
2PT1578/A princess 0.73 G VS2
CPR5882 princess 0.73 I VS1
2PT1736/G princess 0.73 I SI1
2PT1744/G princess 0.74 G SI1
2PT1732/G princess 0.74 G SI1
2PT1658/G princess 0.75 F VS1

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