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About Swan Jewelers Diamonds & Gold

Steve Swan, owner of Swan Ltd. Jewelers, called upon Rosie Conway of Conway Jewelers as a salesman. In October of 1988 Rosie was preparing to close her store due to retirement. Steve knew a good opportunity when he saw one and he made arrangements to purchase the business. Two months later he held a grand opening under the name of Swan Ltd. Jewelers.

The building he purchased has always been the home of a jewelry store. Originally built in 1877 after a major fire consumed the entire city block where Crane Bros. jewelers once stood. In 2002, through a small business grant, Steve was able to restore the front of the building to its original façade. Steve had found an old photo showing a previous owner in front of the building. After tearing down a false tile façade. Steve was pleased to find that the original lettering on the brick was still there. He hired a sign maker to restore the letters.

Swan Ltd. carries a quality line of 14kt gold, 3 watch lines and designer silver line. Our specialty is Lake Pepin Pearls. Lake City borders the Mississippi River at Lake Pepin, the widest part of the Mississippi. Clammers have found the lake to be a good source of the three-ridge clam, which is sold for the shell. When they are lucky and find pearls, they bring them to Swan Ltd. We pick the best ones and set them in custom settings that enhance the unique shapes of the pearls. The Lake Pepin Pearls definitely reflect the atmosphere of a river town. We do all our own repair work in our shop.

Swan Ltd Jewelers has diversified their product line over the last 20 years to include custom laser engraving. We carry a full line of acrylic awards, glassware and traditional wood and brass plaques. We fill in the slow times by doing custom laser engraving that includes plaques, clocks, trophies and glassware. Shar Yorde was hired after working for years in a trophy shop and does all the buying, ordering, and set-up and engraving of wood, glass, acrylics and brass.

Being in a small town often leads to community involvement. Steve is retired from the Lake City Fire Department, and has served as a board member on the Lake City Marina Board, the Lake City Tourism board, the Lake City Chamber of Commerce and the Lake City Lions Club. He has also held office as President of the Lake City Chamber of Commerce, the Lake City Lions Club, and the Lake City Fire Department Relief association. He is currently serving on the Public Safety Board.